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iPods and Cars

iPods can be used with car stereos if you get a signal device. These devices vary by model so be sure to get the right one for your iPod.


Speaker Hoodies

There are books available online, like "Unique Accessories" (available on Amazon) that can show you how to make a speaker hoodie for your iPod.


Cheap Earbuds

Inexpensive speaker buds and speakers can be purchased at discount stores like 5 Below.


Odd Sized Headphone Jacks

If your favorite headphones have a jack that is too large for your iPods part you can buy an adapter at your local electronic store. This situation is only likely with specialty headphones.


Earbud Cleaning

iPod earbuds should always be kept clean. If you do not keep them clean they can harbor bacteria and may cause ear infections. Never share your earbuds.

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