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Free iPods

At certain times of year you can get promotions where an iPod comes free when you buy a Mac. If you are in need of both, the check for this promotion before you buy.


iPods and Battery Life

The average iPod battery life varies depending on the model. If you do a lot of traveling then you will want to research battery life before you pick a model.


Engraving iPods

If you buy a new iPod online you can have it engraved with a brief saying of your choice.


iPods, Video and Cost

iPods get significantly more costly when video is added to the mix. If you are not going to use the video do not get a video model.


Choosing A Memory Size

iPods are available in many memory sizes. You should pick your size based on the size of your iTunes library. Get the next size up from that and you should be set.


Refurbished iPods

If you want to buy an iPod but you do not want to pay full price then you get a refurbished model from the Apple store online. They will still come with Apple care.


iPod Trade Ins

If you want to upgrade to a new iPod you can reset (or trade in) your old model for a discount on a new one.

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