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Importing Your CD's

If you want to use songs from your existing CD collection on your iPod just import them into iTunes.


Free Songs Part 2

You can get free songs for your iPod at Starbucks. Just stop in and pick up a wallet sized card with your code.


Talking iPods

Since next generation shuffles do not have a display screen, they have been given the capability to tell you who is playing and what the name of the song is currently. This information comes from the album information in iTunes.


Free Songs Part 3

Artists sometimes give away free music on their sites that you can download, import into iTunes and play on your iPod. Check the sites of your favorite bands.


Album Art

iTouch can display album art for your songs. If you want to see then you should download the covers on iTunes before you upload to your iPod.


Free Songs

You can get free songs for your iPod on iTunes. These change weekly. You will be able to find them on the "Music" page of iTunes. Look near the bottom of the page for a graphic button.


iTunes and DRM

ITunes offers DRM (digital rights management) free songs for 1.29. These extra expense songs may not have your information in them but they are not popular with users.

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