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Hardshelled Cases

If you plan on taking your iPod out on the road then you will want to get a hard shelled case for it. They came in a variety of colors, including clear.


Apple Care

Each iPod you buy comes with Apple Care, a built in warranty system. If you need to get your iPod serviced in the first year you own it you can simply take it to the Genius Bar at any Apple store.


iPod Case Cost

The cost of an iPod case can vary greatly from brand to brand and shop to shop. Look around and you could snag a great deal.


Screen Cleaning

If the screen of your iPod get dirty you can use an elecronics wipe to clean it off. ( The ones you use for a laptop or TV screen) if you do not have any on hand simply grab a lintless cloth and use a small bit of warm water. Just be sure to put it on the cloth, and not the screen.

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