Getting Started with Your iPod Tips

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IPods and Recharging

The batteries in your iPod, just like in many other electronic devices, will lose its ability to hold a charge if you charge it before it is drained. You can extend the life by always allowing it to drain completely.


iPods and Jamming

iPods with click wheels can jam easily. Do not click them too hard. If you have children, be sure that they wash their hands prior to use.


iPods and Hearing

Be aware that impairing your hearing may be hazardous. Take off the headphones in potentially dangerous situation.


Keeping Your iPod Clean

Your iPods video or touch screen can be kept clean with a microfiber cloth. Never use alcohol wipes or plain water. The best way to protect the body of your iTouch from smudges is with a skin. Otherwise fingerprints will show up daily.


Comfy Earbuds

iPods come with earbud style headphones. If they do not fit your ears properly you can get a jelly set for less then 10 dollars at a discount store. They should fit better.

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